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Time for a new, more accurate location of starsat 4, forever ?. Update: we had to modify the website to fit the new design. Do you know a girl or boy born in the year? Or something more precise? Please help us update the database! If you're subscribed to starsat use this link to see your exact birth date. Don't worry, it is not made public. Online map How to find your starsat position To find your position, go to the location page and enter your postal code, city and country. Starsat in 48 countries View all countries. Real-time tracking Live view Location page Radar Orbital view Mission: Constellation: Approximate position Can I receive the Starmeter signal? Yes! If you have a compatible smartphone and a 4G connection. I don't have 4G connection, but I can receive Echoview. If you are located in Europe, you can choose to receive Echoview only, or even to receive both Echoview and Starmeter. With smartphone, you need to be able to receive SAME satellite echoview in your area. Download here the free App from Trimble Starmeter Starmeter is a low-cost fixed, hand-held satellite tracking system enabling consumers, hobbyists and researchers to instantly see their position, even from large distances, and track the position of their satellites in space. It’s easy to set up and use and a fantastic introduction to the hobby of satellite tracking for beginners. Starmeter ™ has been designed and built in France and is sold throughout Europe, the USA, and Canada. It is the first tracking system that is dedicated to the community. Its main purpose is to enable you to track satellites and view their orbits. Starmeter ™ is a member of the ToG (Télécentre Délégué) association Starmeter ™ is equipped with a professional antenna for




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Starsat Update Latest
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